Dresden Bladenight

What we are doing

Besides the Zwinger, the Golden Horseman and the Frauenkirche, Dresden also has a lot to offer in terms of sports. Dresden Night Skating has been an established sporting event since 1998 – or “the craziest city tour in Dresden”. The night skating is considered the first event of its kind in Germany and third worldwide.

Our convoy is worth seeing: many visitors to Elbflorenz rub their eyes when thousands of inline skaters roll through the city center in front of them and wave behind the throng.


The start and finish point of the Dresden Night Skate is the halfpipe on Lingnerallee right in the heart of Dresden, just a stone’s throw from Dresden City Hall. Before the actual start, you can pass the time at the skate park.

Meeting is on the registered Fridays usually from the end of April to September at 20:00 clock, the starting shot on the round takes place at 21:00 clock.

Where we are going

With different routes plus special variants, which are driven alternately, no boredom arises. Accompanied by the security and music car, the Dresden Night Skating is about 2 hours on the streets.

We offer several types of routes. We emphasize family friendliness and therefore we also have short and easy routes in our program. These are suitable for beginners due to their simple routing. For demanding skaters we have speed routes with high speed and up to 32 km in length.

Which route will be ridden in the current week, how difficult it is and for whom it is suitable, you will find out every week by looking at our Facebook and website, where we post the upcoming route schedule.

Your safety is important to us

Tips for riding in the skater field: Beginners and less experienced skaters can start at the front of the field to have some reserve if they slow down and fall back to the back. Halfway we pause for about 20 minutes.

Our volunteer stewards support us every Friday. They guide the skaters, give tips and provide first aid until the paramedics are on site. Anyone who feels fit on inline skates and is physically able can participate. But braking is a must, we stewards are happy to give tips before the start.

We recommend wearing full protective equipment (wrists, elbows, knees) and a helmet. Our night skating will be accompanied by ambulances of the DRK at the end of the pack, in order to be able to help quickly in case of injuries and falls.

Dresden rolls... are you there?